What do We do? Help Vets

“We pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Why We Do What We Do

He’s my brother; it’s personal …

Where our mission is veterans-helping-veterans we do it locally in a most personal way.

We get to know the men and women that honorably served our country, in our own communities, and work with them and their families to do whatever we can to help.

Where our stories are many and varied an example of our accomplishments is found in Pennsylvania’s chapter’s efforts when materials were donated and the club built an entire room for a veteran that was shot through the neck; a quadriplegic, a warrior.   We value helping those in need in the most effective way possible.

Our Kansas chapter heard of a deployed veteran’s daughter hit by a car and paralyzed. While she was in recovery, and again working with members of the community, we made the house wheelchair accessible. A Navy veteran contracted melanoma, the melanoma went to his brain; we raised money to give his daughter private, quality time with her father.

Organized since 2000, we’ve avoided having a paid office and staff. It is important to us as an organization that we can commit to our donors that 100% of the monies we collect go towards veterans-in-need. Our organization is in 42 states and six allied nations.

We in this brotherhood all start out thinking we came to this club to help other vets. Indeed we do a lot of that from helping a veteran and his family through rough personal and financial times, to showing our utmost respect and admiration to the hero that never came home from war to washing the wall that has the names of so many heroes on it every year. Of course we realize that we come to this club to spend time and have relationships with people who understand us, understand the things we have seen and done. Although we may not realize it at first, the call of brotherhood and the need to have our brothers brings us to realize that we came for selfish reasons too. We came because we saw in our daily life that nobody understands us, what we go through and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. I have talked to many of my brothers that tell me that this club saved their life and I have seen that first hand in my relationships with my brothers locally. One of the many benefits of this club is that no matter how bad your experience was while you were in the military, there is someone here that knows what you are experiencing or has already been through that and what you are going through now. Lack of sleep, panic attacks, trusting nobody, no love in your heart, staying away from crowds, your changing relationship with our family, dealing with the VA, just to name a few of the many.

Most of us have been through it, we have helped our brothers through it. We take calls at any time, go anywhere to help our brothers at any time. No distance is too far, no time too late and never an inconvenience when it comes to my brothers. We that are here know what brotherhood is. We live it daily, we do not just talk about it and we do not just accept anyone to be our brother. We actually practice what we preach in this brotherhood.